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Created 31-Dec-11
26 photos

A Cool Quiet Place -hpSnow Storm on Kmvale Farm-hpFishing at DawnTwisted Roots at Waters Edge-hpPittsburgh Skyline - Overlooking the AlleghenyWinding Stream in Winter Scene-hpThurston TerraceAmish Parking Lot-hpThree White Turkeys in BarnyardAutumn at Abers Acres-hpBeautiful Valley in Central Costa Rica-HPGarlic For Sale at Farmers Market-hpGiant Sugar Maple-hpGracefully Grazing-hpGrand Canyon of Pennsylvania-hpJamestown Fills the Streets-hpLake Erie Shoreline - Dunkirk NY-hpMagical Snowy Path-hpQuebec - Old City -hpSeyval Blanc Grapes-hp

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